PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2021

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. And while many of us may not even be Irish, we still like to dress up in green and celebrate. But instead of needing a leprechaun, we’ve got Sony guiding us to the free games at the end of the rainbow, with a total of four freebies this month. And so, here are the PlayStation Plus free games March 2021 which are available for download on Tuesday, March 2.

First, there’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, the 2020 complete revamp of the original Final Fantasy VII first released in 1997 on the PlayStation One. Follow Cloud on his adventures as he teams up with the eco-terrorist group Avalanche to stop the evil corporation Shinra from sucking up the planet’s life essence.

Next, there’s Remnant: From the Ashes, a third-person action RPG featuring game mechanics similar to the Souls series. Wander a post-apocalyptic earth as you set out to put an end to the inter-dimensional evil known as Root that has destroyed the world.

Specifically for the PS5, there’s Maquette, a brand-new puzzle adventure. Recreate memories by performing actions on a table, which causes the outside larger world to follow suit.

Lastly, Sony is also giving away the PSVR action shooter title, Farpoint. Set on a hostile planet, use the PSVR Aim Controller to destroy dangerous aliens and stay alive.

All four PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2021 have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The easiest one, by far, is Maquette. If you follow a video walkthrough, the Platinum can be unlocked in under 5 hours.

The Platinum for Remnant: From the Ashes will take around 60-70 hours of gameplay, but is of average difficulty despite borrowing mechanics from the Souls series.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will require two full playthroughs, one on Hard mode, which in turn will need a lot of grinding to prepare for. Expect around 70-80 hours for the Platinum, and to be challenged during your Hard mode run.

The most difficult of the four Platinums is Farpoint which, though can be done in 30-40 hours, will require some serious shooting skills as well as some strategies.

PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming up! And what could be more romantic than playing some free games? So, here is Sony’s next line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2021 available for download on Tuesday, February 2.

First, there’s Control Ultimate Edition, a third-person action adventure originally released on the PS4 in August 2019, and now rereleased for the PS5. Jesse Faden is the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, an agency that studies any phenomena that violates the laws of reality, a job which certainly comes with its challenges.

Next, there’s Concrete Genie, an adventure title where players use the DualShock 4’s motion controls to create landscapes that come to life. Ash, a teenager, is handed a magic paintbrush used in vanquishing the darkness of a small town. Aspects of the game can be played using the PSVR.

Finally, there’s Destruction AllStars, a brand-new vehicular combat game for the PS5. Players select from a range of vehicles each with unique abilities, and smash up their enemies. The game includes both single-player and online vehicular battles.

All three games have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum for Concrete Genie is by far the easiest to obtain, as the game itself is not particularly difficult. All trophies can be unlocked in only 7-8 hours.

Control Ultimate Edition is of average difficulty, with a Platinum that can be obtained in under 20 hours.

The trophies for Destruction Allstars require a fair bit of grinding as well as luck, needing anywhere between 35-45 hours. Also, take note that there are a number of online trophies which can be challenging and time consuming on your own, but much easier if boosted.

Ancient Amuletor Trophy Guide

Ancient Amuletor Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * An action tower defense game for the PlayStation VR. The game itself is short and not particularly difficult, marking for a quick and easy Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Ancient Amuletor * 30 Ti Games China 10 15 4 3 0

Ancient Amuletor

Ancient Amuletor is an action tower defense game for the PlayStation VR. Players must defend crystals against waves of enemies that appear from different points in the arena and follow designated paths which lead to their targets. Players can select from four classes, the archer, gunner, mage, and puppeteer, and use a PlayStation Move controller in each hand to move and attack the enemies. The game also includes online multiplayer in which up to four players can team together to defend the crystals.

Ancient Amuletor received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 63%, praised for its generally smooth controls and overall fun, though criticized for its shortness and lack in content.

While the game is not a simple walk in the park, both the difficulty and time required is low enough to warrant a 1-star difficulty. The game itself is quite short, but will require some replay via the level select. There are three multiplayer trophies which, ironically, are easier to get if you are hosting a game by yourself. Overall, the Platinum is a mild challenge that does not require much time.

Expect around 8-9 hours for the Platinum, depending on your skills.

NOTE: The game requires the PlayStation VR and two Move controllers.

Begin by playing the tutorial. Not only will this help show you the ropes of the game, but will unlock the Become An Amuletor trophy.

Next, select Normal and play through the main game, which is comprised of four levels divided into two worlds. Doing so will unlock both the Crystal Amuletor I and Crystal Amuletor II trophies, and the Any More trophy for defeating 200 enemiesas well as unlock Hard mode. In this step, you needn’t worry too much about getting 3 stars as this will be easier to do later after your weapons have leveled up. For the most part, focus on getting a feel for which character you prefer and acquiring strategies.

Next, it’s time to replay those levels while focusing on unlocking any character-specific trophies you don’t yet have. These include the Rain Of Arrows trophy for the archer, Bulletstorm, Suppressive Fire, and No Place To Hide trophies for the gunner, the Hammer Impact, Puppet Savior, and Keep Your Distance trophies for the puppet master, and the Frozen Time trophy for the mage. Your goal here is not only to unlock these trophies, but level up your weapons as well, which will make the next two steps easier.

After that, it’s time to select your favorite character and attempt to get 3 Stars on any levels you haven’t done so, yet. Doing this will unlock the four corresponding Perfect Amuletor trophies.

Then, you’ll need to replay levels 1-2 and 2-2 on Hard mode to defeat each of the two bosses to unlock the Statue Breaker and No Pass trophies. In this step, your star rating does not matter, just defeat the enemies on Hard to get the trophies.

There are three online multiplayer trophies to unlock which, thankfully, do not need to be boosted as all of them are easier to unlock if playing by yourself. First, host a solo game and simply play to the end of the level to unlock The Best Partner, as well as the Hello My Friend trophy. Next, you will need to earn first kill nine more times by hosting solo, get the first kill, then quit and start over.

Finally, it’s time to simply mop-up any miscellaneous trophies you may be missing. Check out the Ancient Amuletor trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.

Moss Trophy Guide

Moss Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  An action adventure game with puzzle elements for the PlayStation VR. The game is overall quite short, and with only one tricky trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Moss * 39 Polyarc U.S. 22 9 7 0 0


Moss is an action adventure with puzzle elements for the PlayStation VR. Players control Quill, a mouse who is aware of the player’s presence. Quill must navigate environments, solve puzzles, and battle enemies, while also able to provide hints to the player through the use of sign language.

The player is in a library reading an old book, when suddenly is transported to the book’s fantasy land. There, the player meets Quill, a young mouse who must save is uncle from Sarffog, a fire-breathing snake.

Moss received positive reviews with an average score of 87%, praised for its world design, interactions between the player and player-character, and overall fun, though criticized by some for the shortness of the game. The game received numerous nominations and awards for Best VR Game by several online magazines.

The one-star difficulty is mainly due to the time required, which is very little. The game is overall quite short, and it’s possible to unlock the Platinum after one playthrough. Most of the trophies are either story-related, for finding collectibles, or a few simply miscellaneous tasks. A chapter select is available, so none of those trophies are missable. The only challenge is the Protector Of The Realm trophy, which requires playing through the game without dying. However, with back-up saves and some quick re-loads to the previous checkpoint before dying, this is not too difficult.

Expect around 3-6 hours for the Platinum, depending on how many playthroughs you do.

NOTE: The game requires the PlayStation VR.

It is entirely possible to obtain the Platinum in one playthrough. This will involve unlocking the Protector Of The Realm trophy for not dying, as well as finding all the collectibles and completing a few miscellaneous tasks.

However, keep in mind that the game is quite short, and can be completed in under two hours. Also, getting the Protector Of The Realm will certainly be easier if you’ve already done one playthrough and so are aware which areas may be difficult to get through without dying.

There are two sets of collectibles in the game. There are a total of 31 Fragments, and 375 Relic Dust. If you fail to find them all during your playthrough, you can use the Chapter Select to revisit areas in the game. Each chapter will reveal how many Fragments and Relic Dust you have, which makes it easier to mop up what you are missing.

There are a also a few simple, miscellaneous trophies to unlock as well. Be sure to check out the Moss trophy guide links under our Links tab to see details on these.

When going for the Protector Of The Realm, it’s a good idea to occasionally back-up your save either to the PS+ Cloud or on a portable HD, which you can re-download and use should you die. Also, when you are about to die, you can quickly pause the game and select to reload the previous checkpoint. If you are going for this trophy on your first playthrough, keep in mind that you will die after being hit three times, or if you fall off of a platform. Also, the surveillance eyes in the last few chapters have a one-hit kill, as well as the final boss if he grabs you.

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Playroom VR Trophy Guide

The Playroom VR Trophy Guide Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A set of mini-games for the PlayStation VR which can be played with up to four players. With a second controller, all trophies can quickly and easily be unlocked solo.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Playroom VR * 41 SIE Japan Studio Japan 30 5 5 0 3

The Playroom VR

The Playroom VR is a collection of six mini-games for the PlayStation VR, and made as a permanent free download. Players can destroy a city or defeat a giant monster, play cat and mouse, capture ghosts in a haunted house, play as a sheriff and capture wanted criminals in a bar, rescue robots in a platforming game, and play with unlocked toys in a giant playroom. Nearly all games can be played in co-op with up to four players, with one operating the PlayStation VR and others watching the TV screen.

The Playroom VR received positive reviews with an average score of 77%, praised for its presentation, ability to demonstrate the PlayStation VR’s experience, and overall fun, while criticized for the shortness of some mini-games.

All trophies can be earned playing solo, but some are even easier with a second or third player. Each mini-game is quite short, and their respective trophies are easy enough that most can be unlocked on your first try. And best of all, it’s a free game!

Expect to unlock the Platinum in around 5-6 hours.

NOTE: Aside from the PlayStation VR headset, you will also need a second controller for some trophies.

With the exception of the Mini Bots playroom, the other five mini-games can be played in any order. All of them can be done solo, though some will require a second controller.

For the most part, just check out the Playroom VR trophy guide links under our Links tab to see which trophies are connected to which mini-game, and what their requirements are. If you’re just playing for fun with friends, you will probably unlock a good chunk of the trophies naturally. However, there are a few you’ll need to buckle down and focus on.

All trophies can still be unlocked while playing solo, as long as you have a second controller. Keep the PlayStation VR loose over your face, so you can quickly slide it up and down in order to see what’s on screen. This is particularly important if going for The Good, The Bot And The Ugly trophy, and the Busy Day For The Sheriff trophy in the Wanted! mini game. You’ll need to first see the TV screen to know which criminal you’re seeking, then slide the VR back over your face and take your shot.

Once you’ve gotten all the trophies in the five mini-games, it’s time to head into the Mini Bots mini-game, which is more like viewing a collection of toys. You’ll need close to 100 coins to unlock all 59 items, which hopefully you should have enough by now. If not, continue grinding the other mini-games until you do. None of the items will repeat, so just keep buying them for your collection, until you have everything and the trophy unlocks.

Have fun!

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