PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024

PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024

Still cold with plenty of snowstorms in your area? Perhaps it would be better to stay inside and play some games. In that case, Sony will keep you warm with their next line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024 available for download on Tuesday, March 5.

First, there is F1 23, the Formula One and Formula 2 racing game by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. Play through the “Braking Point” story mode, or head online for some multiplayer competition.

If racing isn’t your thing, there is also Sifu, a beat ‘em up game developed by Sloclap. Taking place in modern-day China, the child of a martial arts school seeks revenge after the death of his father, the sifu, or master, of the school. The game includes over 150 unique attacks, and interactive environments to help battle the baddies.

Finally, there is Hello Neighbor 2, the survival horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels, as a sequel to the 2016 Hello Neighbor. Uncover the secrets of the sleepy town Raven Brooks, by sneaking about and finding clues to discover why the kids seem to be disappearing.

All three PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024 titles have Platinum trophies to unlock. Also, all three games are available on both the PS4 and PS5.

Among these, Hello Neighbor 2 has arguable the easiest Platinum trophy, particularly if you are following a guide. With a guide, the Platinum trophy can be obtained in just a few hours.

The Platinum trophy for Sifu might have been considered a challenging one, but after a patch which allowed playing on an easier difficulty setting, the Platinum is now simply average in terms of difficulty. Expect around 15-20 hours of gameplay for this one, depending on your skills.

Lastly, unlocking the Platinum for F1 23 is not an easy task, particularly due to the online related trophies. Expect well over 100 hours for this one.

In addition to the three PlayStation Plus free games March 2024 line-up, Sony is also giving out The Witch Queen for free this month, which is added content for all those Destiny 2 players out there.